A church you can call Home!

Liberty Baptist Church

705 SE Second St.
Snow Hill, NC 28580


What To Expect


"A true friend is a gift from God, and he always points us back to God." -Amen!


Our Culture

  “This must be the friendliest church I've ever attended!”  That’s the reaction we often get here at Liberty. Thus, you are not only WELCOME here, you are WANTED here!

   Plus, we are traditional in worship style. We sing the hymns and preach the King James Bible in every service. Our people dress from casual to "Sunday best". We have no doubt that you will feel welcome here.

Our Campus

  Located at 705 SE Second St. right in town. In 2014, God blessed us to build a nice new fellowship hall and several new classrooms.

 Our Classes

   At Liberty, we try to have Bible study groups for all ages that meet every Sunday at 10am.

Our Children

  God has blessed us with many great teachers and helpers her at Liberty. Kid’s Church is 11am each Sunday morning. Plus, we have Kid’s Clubs each Wednesday at 7:30pm. All the children just love the youth ministry here!

Our Community

  Liberty Baptist is known for its unity and friendly atmosphere. We thank the Lord for the love and harmony He has given to us here.

Our Commitment

 Our mission here at Liberty is, Loving, Serving, Giving. Modeled after the ministry of Jesus. We want to be a help and blessing to you, your family, and this community – in Jesus’ Name and for His sake.



I John 1:3 ... that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.